BESPOKE alpaca down quilt queen

Queen size.Cover is produced from 100% pima cotton with thread count 650. Filling 100% finest baby alpaca fiber from Peru. Our company location Peru,Lima. Why to consider to buy alpaca blanket? I honestly dont have a good answer for it, You dont actually. They are just lovely animals and You dont have to kill the animal, to harvest they fiber. You cant get feathers out of live canadian goose. For me personally, the coolest quality, alpaca fiber dont burn with flame. You can use alpaca blanket as fire blanket, if needed. For queen size we asking 1100 US dollar, Including shipping with Fedex. For orders please write perualpaca2010@gmail.com Real soul cleaner. Please note. We closed our office in Florida, therefore, no paypal for purchages. Unfortuantely, paypal does not regognize Peru to work with.