BESPOKE alpaca down quilt queen

Queen size. We are small family company in the Peru producing luxurious alpaca down quilts.Cover is produced from 100% pima cotton with thread count 350. Filling 100% finest alpaca fiber from Peru. Why to consider to buy alpaca blanket? Alpaca fiber generally,is warmer than sheep wool. Why our alpaca blankets are more expencive? Simply more work would be the answer. Firstly, the fiber before used is dyed, white color. If You do not dye fiber first ,every natural fiber have side odor. It is not strong , but still there. Secondly the pockets are very small 12cmx12cm.Natural fiber will felt, sooner or later, and with big pockets you have just a small climps in the big pocket.You will get chilly turning your good night sleep. It will happen after 1 year or so. Very important is to keep a thread count not less than350 for cover fabric and fiber lengt 70mm -80mm.If less , the fibers will stick trough the main cover fabric. Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas in the Peru more than 6,000 years ago and raised for their exquisite fleece. Due to its quality,alpaca fiber was reserved exclusively for the elite and nobility. Real soul cleaner.